The IPIP Test Results and Reaction

Looking at the first personality cluster of Extraversion I scored very high. With a total average score of an 87. In this cluster I scored a 98 when comes to activity level which I believe to be completely accurate. I sure do like to be on the go and doing things that are productive and better myself. I also scored a 90 on cheerfulness and this is also accurate because I have been told I am fun to be around and are a light in my many peoples lives.

Next looking at the second personality cluster of Agreeableness I scored average with an average score of 60. In this cluster my scored has a wide range with altruism scoring the highest with a score of 89. I did score low in the trust segment of the cluster at 42. I feel these scores were slightly accurate as I do love to help people genuinely and don’t have a lot of trust in other people especially strangers. my modesty and cooperation scores seemed very inaccurate overall.

In the third personality cluster of Conscientiousness I scored the highest. With a score of 99. This cluster was very accurate because I set clear goals and pursue them and get them done. I scored a 99 in self discipline which is totally true and in the high 90’s for self efficacy, orderliness, and dutifulness. the only segment I didn’t score in at least the 90’s was cautiousness at a score of 87. I knew I was these things prior to the test so these results make me feel more comfortable and accurate with the test it self.

In the fourth personality cluster of Neuroticism very low with a score of 17. In this cluster scoring low makes sense because I am a very calm person and don’t express anger. I stay composed and do not react with intense emotions. My lowest score was a 9 for depression which is a really good sign that I don’t get depressed that often. I did score highest in anger which makes sense because I can get annoyed when things don’t go to plan or whatever the case might be. I would say I get more frustrated than angry because I don’t get that intense.

As for the last personality cluster of Openness to Experience I scored low with an overall score of 24. This score was pretty low I have to say and I am not surprised that it was low. I know I can be stuck to my ways or not being a fan of trying new things like food or what not. As I have been working on being better about this. I did score high with a 72 for imagination which I do think is accurate. I feel I am very imaginative and can be a creative thinker regardless of the context with ideas. I did score as low as a 5 in the adventuress segment. Which sounds quite bad and is embarrassing if you ask me haha.

In regards to what a potential employee might think of my results as an employee for their organization would be quite well. I have to say I think my results overall would come across an organization quite well. As I am wanting to get into sales in the future for my career that aligns well with being a extraversion and having social skills. Knowing that I enjoy building relationships is huge. Also that I am a conscientious person and mean business. They can see from my results that I get things done and done mess around and that’s what they want to see art the end of day. They will know they can count on me. Being dependable and responsible will not hurt one bit in my opinion. Then in areas like openness to experience where I scored low I don’t think this will hurt me to much overall. I look at it as I am comfortable to doing a specific task and will do it well. I cant be perfect at everything so if there was an area to score lower on I am glad this was one of them. I sure would be curious to see what an employer things of these results. I do have to say it was cool to learn about the Big 5 model of personality clusters in class and than to try the test out for myself was cool. Certainly allowed for me to have a better understanding of the concept it self.

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