Most Important Thing I’ve Learned This Term

I really did enjoy this MGMT 548 class this term and when looking for classes to take for this spring term I felt it would be very beneficial for me moving forward. Over the course of the term many things stood out but a couple things that I learned I felt were important and will positively impact me in the future. These couple of things include discrimination laws and regulations as well as recruitment goals and methodology.

As for key laws and regulations for discrimination it is good to know for myself in the application and interviewing process to make sure I am treated fair. But also to make sure in the future if I am looking to hire people I don’t break any of the rules in my place my self whether I am trying to or not. First now really knowing and understanding the Civil Rights Act, and Title VII as some of the basics of the laws and regulations is important. Also very big thing is knowing the protected classes which is the groups of people who have suffered discrimination in the past and who are given special protection. As prior to this course I knew some about these laws and regulation but not as much as I should and didn’t ever really learn about this type of material until my last term of college. It is needed to be known moving forward.

The other thing in class that I learned that I feel I really benefited from was recruitment goals and methodology from organizations. This might not seem like a big deal but being able to understand and learn how a company looks to hire its employees can be beneficial. As far as recruitment I have had some experience with this in my life by getting recruited by different colleges to play football and continue my academic career. As this recruitment is different there are still similarities between what I have experienced and the process that organizations take. I think understanding the methods used to recruit applicants is important to know. With the way an organization targets its applicants and the method to reach these targeted applicants. Ever organization can’t use the same method. It may depend on their business strategy and culture. But it also can depend on the industry that a company is involved in as well.

In all I have to say this class was very cool and wish I was able to learn more about this type of information during my time in college. Instead of having to take a lot of other classes that quite frankly didn’t benefit much especially when comparing to a class like this.

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