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  • Labor Unions

    I have talked to my step dad who has been a member of a labor union and he definitely has experienced the good and the bad. The good thing he liked about being in the union was that it gave him job security, it was hard to get fired, and the union backing was not […]

  • Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

    The most important thing that I learned in this class would be “Job Analysis: Conducting” from Week 3. This topic is important because I have been in the position where I was in a job and due to their job analysis, it wasn’t accurate or contained the right information where a worker/employee as myself had […]

  • Workplace Health & Safety Issues

    For the Take the Life Stress Inventory, I was a very low score which meant that I have a low amount of life change and low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdowns. For the Coping and Stress Management Skill Test, it looks like I do Problem-Focused Coping when I am dealing with stress. I am going […]

  • Self-Reflection

    1. What am I good at? I am good at putting my best efforts forward and working hard at anything I do, meaning I will always try to be productive and ask what needs to be done. I am good at staying organized within my personal life and during my career. I am good at […]

  • Compensation

    I engaged in a set of behaviors where I needed a quick and easy job so I could have some money. Long story short, I decided to stay home and continue school remotely, but for the first 6-8 weeks or so being home, I didn’t have a job so I could focus on school. I […]

  • IPIP Results & Reactions

    On each of the five dimensions of personality, the test results say that my score on neuroticism is high, my score on Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness is average, and my score on Openness to Experience is low. The results are telling me that I am easily upset, even by what most people consider the normal […]

  • Training Experiences

    I actually got trained for two jobs and they were all hands-on experiences, I got lucky in experiencing both trainings as beneficial. One of the training was in person and the other was online, the in-person training was for a host position and that was more of a regular and required training. On the other […]

  • Interview Experience

    If I were to reflect on the experience in the interviews I’ve participated in, I would reflect on two that I can recall. One of them was my first job during the summer when COVID hit. I interviewed for a hostess position at a restaurant and I interviewed with the main manager. He didn’t go […]

  • Typical vs. Maximal Performance

    If I were in the shoes of the business owner and had to choose which person to hire, it would be Jamie. I would choose Jamie because although Avery is a high performer, he’s not consistent and he’ll choose his days to be that high performer, other than that, he is a slacker and below […]

  • Developing and Maintaining Job Descriptions

    I would say some challenges that I think organizations have when developing job descriptions are sometimes having no job descriptions at all, job descriptions written by those who haven’t performed the job tasks themselves, the job title is confusing, and there are too few details in the job descriptions. The ideas I have for overcoming […]

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