Developing and Maintaining Job Descriptions

I would say some challenges that I think organizations have when developing job descriptions are sometimes having no job descriptions at all, job descriptions written by those who haven’t performed the job tasks themselves, the job title is confusing, and there are too few details in the job descriptions. The ideas I have for overcoming these challenges would be to make sure you let the employees know what is expected of them and the proper duties they are to fulfill if they get hired. This will allow the employees to live up to the expectations we have and give them an understanding of what we are looking for within the company or job position. With organizations putting too little detail in their job descriptions, an idea would be to have a checklist and look back at whether or not they meet what a job description is supposed to contain. According to the lecture slides, they can check to make sure their job descriptions have a job title, brief summary, task statements, and working conditions. For example, my personal experience with a previous job that I had as a hostess for a restaurant, did not provide enough detail in their job descriptions. For one thing, they did not mention we needed to bus tables and carry dishes into the kitchen. I know it’s not something drastic but it is something that I would’ve wanted to know ahead of time before applying for the job. Their job description has absolutely no measure compared to what we actually were responsible for while being on the job. Some ideas for overcoming challenges associated with maintaining the job descriptions would be to ensure that they are always being updated. This will give current employees notice that the restaurant and maybe their responsibilities are being expanded and it allows those getting hired to be up to date on what has changed so far.

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