Training Experiences

I actually got trained for two jobs and they were all hands-on experiences, I got lucky in experiencing both trainings as beneficial. One of the training was in person and the other was online, the in-person training was for a host position and that was more of a regular and required training. On the other hand, the online training was for a peer advisor position, and that one would be seen as a job and technical/interpersonal and problem-solving. 

I would say that the peer advisor training was more effective than the host training because they used various ways to teach me how to get the job requirements down. First, we went through videos on Zoom of my supervisor demonstrating where to go for information and how to conduct certain scenarios. She then showed us how to schedule meetings and how to follow the specific requirements for certain students and their advisors. After this, she allowed us to shadow other peer advisors and get a glimpse of how it is run in real time and with actual scenarios given by students. I was able to follow along and ask questions if I needed to without feeling overwhelmed or scared. According to the lecture slides, my supervisor and the peer advisors I shadowed made the content meaningful, broke down “chunk” content into pieces, and they presented the material in distinct and meaningful ways.

In the other job training I had, I admired my trainer who was the longest-working host at the restaurant. I thought she did a great job training me but it wasn’t as meaningful as the peer advisor training. It may just be because it’s a different environment or the meaning is different from being a host and a peer advisor but it wasn’t as effective. 

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