I engaged in a set of behaviors where I needed a quick and easy job so I could have some money. Long story short, I decided to stay home and continue school remotely, but for the first 6-8 weeks or so being home, I didn’t have a job so I could focus on school. I didn’t like that so I decided to get a job. It was my job that I had before I left for college and when I came back home for the Summer, I decided to call them and ask if I could come back until my full-time job started up. I knew I wanted to work there because I wouldn’t have to go through the whole interview and training process, but I wanted to work as to-go rather than host because I wanted something new and at a higher level. They said they only have sport for to-go but that they would love to have me back, but I declined. They then called me later that day and asked if I would come back as a host if they raised my pay, so then I said sure.

Compensation motivated that behavior because I for sure didn’t think it was worth it to go back and be in the position I have always been in, I wanted to move on by moving up in my job. On the other hand, I really needed the money and if they raised my pay but I didn’t really want the position then that’ll just have to do because at least I am getting paid more. Money was the reason I needed a job and that I went back to them so that increase was thoughtful and appreciated. I wanted to personally grow after not working there for a while and if the only way I saw that was earning more money because I have worked there longer than the other hosts, then that was okay with me. I wasn’t happy staying as a host but money was my top priority at the moment.

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