Workplace Health & Safety Issues

For the Take the Life Stress Inventory, I was a very low score which meant that I have a low amount of life change and low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdowns. For the Coping and Stress Management Skill Test, it looks like I do Problem-Focused Coping when I am dealing with stress. I am going to have to say that reading those results did not sound like me at all. I would say I am Emotion-Focused. As for Type A Personality Survey, it looks like I have a low score for impatience/irritability. I learned that I don’t have enough change in my life to be super stressed or have a high level of stress. With my coping situations, I think I do just fine despite the results given from the test. As for Type A personality, I am impatient but rarely get irritable, depending on the situation or type of day I am having but I don’t let it out. 

To help me manage stress, the steps I can take as I progress through my professional career to help me would be to continue to lean on my family and friends for support. I can still cope with it on my own and not allow myself to get beaten down by it. I would take time for myself and take a breather or time to relax and not think so much about work. I can take some time off and go on a vacation or just relax for a couple days or a weekend.

To help their employees manage their health and cope with stress, organizations are supporting the use of paid time off, providing resources and support to employees to take care of their health, and asking their employees what they need. Paid time off gives employees time to step outside of work and focus on themselves without stressing about having to make up that money. Providing resources allows employees to feel that they are being cared for and looked after in case their job positions are stressful and they feel alone.

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