Typical vs. Maximal Performance

If I were in the shoes of the business owner and had to choose which person to hire, it would be Jamie. I would choose Jamie because although Avery is a high performer, he’s not consistent and he’ll choose his days to be that high performer, other than that, he is a slacker and below average. With Jamie, even if I am not going to get above and beyond what he is told, he is still consistent and will do his job no matter what. There is also potential and time for Jamie to learn and see that he can go above and beyond and be an even better performer at work. 

If I were to look at a restaurant, the types of jobs I would be thinking about for Avery and Jamie would be a server vs. a host. It would be better to hire Avery as a server than Jamie because whether or not Avery wants to perform at his best, he wouldn’t have to stay consistent, serving would make Avery more valuable than Jamie because he can still take orders, run the food, etc. when he’s not performing at his best. 

As for Jamie, he would be better hired as a host than Avery because you can stay consistent as a host but not need to go above and beyond in your work. Being a host makes Jamie more valuable because if he does go through clutch situations, he wouldn’t need to perform at the same level as Avery, he can just continue to work at a pace or level where he’s comfortable. However, if he wants to go above and beyond and help the servers run food or take drink orders, he can. Jamie can find or take the time to be where Avery is.

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