Week 4: Recruitment Ad

I believe my brand to be someone who is respectable, diligent, hard working, and easy to get along with. I think the first impression of me comes off as kind and respectful and I think one of my strong suits is working with others or working with teams. I think this is something I excel at and is going to benefit in the future. I am very good at getting along with others, listening to their opinions, making sure my opinion gets heard and to be able to come together to complete a common goal. One of my weaknesses is that I tend to sometimes not be the greatest communicator in terms of making sure my teams knows what I’m working on or letting others know if I’m going to be late, and overall getting back to people in a timely matter. I’m also somewhat of a procrastinator and tend to do things last minute, but I have started working on this throughout college and feel like I have began to be more proactive over the past four years. Something that has set me apart are the experiences Ive gained over my life. I’ve delt with a lot of different things, from working for the family business since I was 9, to beating cancer this past year. I feel like both these experiences have given me a better mindset, whether that be different business views, or more empathy and compassion for others.

One way I believe that I could present myself to companies and recruiters is through handshake and linked in. I would like to put all my different job expereinces I’ve had from tutoring to working for the family business and the challenges I have faced. I would probably leave out the cancer part, but once they get to know me a little more that may come up at one point or another with relevance. I would present myself fully in cover letter, making sure they know why I would be the best candidate for the position as well as what I have to offer and what new ideas I can bring in. I would also like my resume to stand out with the accomplishments I’ve gained, skills I’ve obtained, and experiences. I hope these things would be a great way for companies to notice me and get who I really am out on paper.

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