Week 3: Job Descriptions

Unfortunately, I do not have an exact description of the job that I had applied for. The job that I had last applied for is the job that I still have now. The job I have now is a tutor position for the student athletes here on Oregon State campus as well as a study facilitator. When applying for the job, I was not too influenced by the description as I already had a few friends that had already been working there for a few years. Because of this I had already known what the job entailed and other details that were not in the job description. However, the job description had a few things I was a little confused about. Before applying for the job, I had read that it is a lot of communicating to student advisors and that I would have to keep a very far professional distance from the student athletes. This was worrisome as I was friends to a few of the student athletes. Thankfully, my bosses were very strict about who you tutor and who you facilitate, so the people I was already friends with would not be students that I work with. The description was very similar to what I was able to do and I dont think there was much differences within the job description compared to what I had to do. Overall it was a very good job description and a great experience.

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