Week 7 Blog Post

I think a hiring manager would be quite impressed with my results. My extraversion levels were quite high, showing that I love to be around people and doing new things. I think they would lead them to believe that I am a great person to be around and have around. My agreeableness and cooperation I think were the highest categories I scored with. I think this would show the hiring manager that I get along well with people and I’m willing to put my issues aside to help others or negotiate with others so that both sides win. My conscientiousness traits were on the high side as well. My highest trait was being organized, which I would highly agree with. I am a very organized persons and believe hiring managers would want someone who is organized as well as someone who is disciplined and strive to be better. The two categories I was lower on include neuroticism and openness to experience. I see the openness to experience as my weaknesses. I don’t branch out to much and usually kind of like things the way they are, however I feel like a hiring manager would see this as a downside as it shows I don’t like change and I’m not the best at getting out of my comfort zone. I was pretty low on all the neuroticism traits. This would show an employer that I don’t let thing bother me too much and can stay on track and be successful under pressure.

Overall I feel like form this an employer would see that I get along well with people, I’m very organized and disciplined as well as someone who stays calm and collective. One thing I need to work on and would be seen as a weakness is that I am not great at getting out of my comfort zone.

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