Week 5 Blog Post

If I were a business owner and had to choose between someone who is very averagely consistent compared to someone who has the potential to be one of the best but seems unmotivated and unwilling, for me personally I think I would choose the averagely consistent. By averagely consistent I mean they are an average worker but instead of slacking all the time they are trying their best and giving great consistency. I feel like having someone who slacks off a lot and does not want to be the best they can be is someone who will rub off on other employees and make the others around them slack off as well. Instead I would want the person who works hard every day also known as the typical performance type that we learned in the lectures.

The type of job I would like Avery for from the scenario is a job that is high stakes, fast paced and a job that has very important decisions to make. Avery in the scenario has very high potential and has the ability to take care of these situations, so I would rather have someone that when the time comes, they are able to get it done.

I would say a job that I would want Jamie for is a job that is in groups and has lower stakes. I feel like for Jamie, I would want the work ethic there especially when handling smaller jobs that need to get done as they would be the type of person I want others to be around but not the type of person I want making big timely decisions.

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