Week 1 Blog Post: Job Applications

My last experience with applying to a job was actually my sophomore year of college. I applied for the MECOP program in hopes to gain access to two, six month internships with different companies. I thought this was a great opportunity as you get to experience to different work places and figure out what fits you best. This process was pretty easy going, however it was long. I had to go through multiple applications and multiple interviews over the past two years which made me feel like this is going to be such a great opportunity. It felt real and authentic and made me feel more like this was a program that could really get my feet off the ground once I am done with college. Most of the people who interviewed were also one part of the MECOP program and have made careers from that so it made me feel like this is definitely worth my time. A few of the different experiences I went through included a first very serious interview to get accepted into the program. This one was a bit longer and I was for sure nervous but it was a great experience, especially since I was still pretty young and in my early years of college. Once I got accepted, we then had a meet and greet with each of the companies within our respective majors. This was great because we were able to get a feel for which companies we could potentially be working for as well as get to know what type of people work there. After this we then had one more interview just for them to get to know us a little better and based on this the companies can then choose their specific candidates. Ultimately I got placed with Genentech and will have a project management internship with them starting in June. Overall this experience has been very professional and very real. I feel as though I have two great opportunities that will very much help me in the future.

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