Week 10 Blog

Overall, I believe I have learned a lot in this class. Some things I found very interesting included the discrimination section, taking personality and other types of tests as well as how recruiters plan to gain candidates and how they pick and choose who would be best for the company and how they keep them around. However I believe my favorite part of this class was reviewing job descriptions and how they impact whether or not people will apply for the job to how they relate to the actual job. I thought the discussion board where we were to find a job ad that was bad and then critique was fun as well. Something I did not realize is just how much the job title means to people. After learning about that, it made a lot more sense to why this would be something people cared about. I can understand why Dwight from the Office really wanted the title “Assistant Regional Manager” instead of “Assistant to the Regional Manager.” Both are very different things and in real life, that would be something that people do truly care about. I think it is interesting that the title of a position can affect whether people apply for a job, just a simple change can mean night and day for the amount of people that apply for a particular job.

Anyways, I have learned a lot in this class, and has been one of the more interesting classes I have taken at OSU. Thank you Professor Hardy for a great term.


Week 9 Blog

Self Reflection:

Things I am good at:

I believe things I consider myself good at include time management, organization and communication. I think communication is one of the most important aspects of work and life in general so I try to do my best in this area as well as staying focused and keeping organized.

Things I value:

I believe the things I value most in life are friends and family as well as the things that make you happy. For me thats hobbies such as hiking, playing basketball and being around people I care about. There is much more to life than just work, but culture and those you are around are very important to me as well.

How did I get here:

I think the way I was raised and the people I chose to be around brought me to where I am right now. It also took a lot of hard work and dedication to be where I am as well. But for the most part, I am very fortunate to grow up in the household I did as well as the people I grew up around, so I am very thankful for that.

Where am I going:

I think I am on the right path of starting a job, and in the future having a family. I hope to continue to be around those I care about most and create a good life for my kids one day. I hope to be passionate about what I’m doing and at peace with my life and well being.


Week 7 Blog Post

I think a hiring manager would be quite impressed with my results. My extraversion levels were quite high, showing that I love to be around people and doing new things. I think they would lead them to believe that I am a great person to be around and have around. My agreeableness and cooperation I think were the highest categories I scored with. I think this would show the hiring manager that I get along well with people and I’m willing to put my issues aside to help others or negotiate with others so that both sides win. My conscientiousness traits were on the high side as well. My highest trait was being organized, which I would highly agree with. I am a very organized persons and believe hiring managers would want someone who is organized as well as someone who is disciplined and strive to be better. The two categories I was lower on include neuroticism and openness to experience. I see the openness to experience as my weaknesses. I don’t branch out to much and usually kind of like things the way they are, however I feel like a hiring manager would see this as a downside as it shows I don’t like change and I’m not the best at getting out of my comfort zone. I was pretty low on all the neuroticism traits. This would show an employer that I don’t let thing bother me too much and can stay on track and be successful under pressure.

Overall I feel like form this an employer would see that I get along well with people, I’m very organized and disciplined as well as someone who stays calm and collective. One thing I need to work on and would be seen as a weakness is that I am not great at getting out of my comfort zone.