Challenges of Managing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are often overlooked when it comes to essential part of the workload. It only seems to happen when the role needs to be filled or it is time for a compensation review. The document needs to be thought about more often though and needs to be seen as a living document that is ever involving. For example, I work for a sector of healthcare that helps homebound patients. My role while still in the same vein of work it has evolved. The workload has shifted, and some parts of my role are now obsolete. I have worked with the group for 4 years and up till a few months ago my job description was not adjusted to meet the changes. I believe there are many challenges that come with keeping up with job descriptions. One being the ever-growing demand of the human resources department and senior leadership in organizations, when the focus is on helping keep staffing quotes and focusing on the bottom-line, job descriptions seem to be a poor use of time.

            There is a lot of risk with this thought of thinking. There are legal implications such as having a claim against the employer for wrongful termination for not doing what was asked of them. If what was asked of them was not on the job description could lead to possible legal issues for the company. Job descriptions also aids in a productive work environment. Making it clear on what is to be done can create efficiency and increase productivity. Workforce planning is aided by job descriptions. You can see how talent moves across the company and how it all comes together. Creating a great opportunity to job forecasting and plan for potential growth.

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