Providence cares about my mental health.

Looking at my results I learned have more stressors than I realized. It has been a tough couple of years, but I have adapted due to necessity. It also mentions that I can get irritated and impatient, but it takes a little bit for me to get there. I have probably taken far too much on over the last few years. I have been 16 credits all will working about 45 hours a week; I know that this probably was too much for me and my health and will be trying to not take on so much at one time after this year. In the future, if I am working, I will only take on one class or certification at a time. I think this will allow me a better work/life balance all while reaching my goals of continuing my education and potentially helping me advance my career. I currently work with Providence, and they provide a lot of resources to manage the stress that I have taken full advantage of over the last 2 years. Working in healthcare during a pandemic is hard and I feel like I have been taken care of throughout this process by the organization as a whole. They offer 50 free counselling sessions for all employees to use as needed. They have resources to use if you need to physically go into the clinic to discuss stress and they have provided many webinars to discuss and teach techniques of dealing with stress as well. The only possible negative of how this was handled is that not all managers did a good job at promoting the resource and knowing how to support staff during this hard period in healthcare.

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