The best way to train me.

I have been able to work for Providence Health Systems for the last 5 years and while working here is great and much of the training is helpful, some is not. Epic is a health medical record system, and it has many ways it can be used and is the hub of all patient’s information. When you are getting onboarded you have one half day orientation to get the bearings for the program, much of which is not specified to the units or department you work on. The program is not hands on and it leaves you feeling more lost about how to use epic then before you started. This was a failing part of my onboarding experience for me and to be honest made feel like there was no way I could succeed in my new role. Throughout my onboarding process I never got to speak to my manger and was unsure of how to reach her, the whole process did not go smooth. This was not a great start for me and according to the article Your New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You Properly Onboard Them by Harvard Business this is not uncommon. The manager of a new employee is one of the most crucial people in the onboarding process and winning this person’s support can make or break a new hire’s prospects of success (by Allison M. Ellis, 2017). My manger was missing for most of my training leaving me to feel lost through the process. I was ready to quit and go back to my previous employer. This all changed once I met the people training me for my in-unit training. The nurses and unit clerks took the time to walk me through epic and trained by showing me how to do it by letting me do it. They also helped me while I stumbled through it over the next couple months leaving me feel supported an encouraged. Without having this on the job training I would not still be working with providence, a company I really love and hope to grow with in the future.

by Allison M. Ellis, S. S. (2017). Your New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You Onboard Them Properly. Harvard Business.

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