What to do about that interview?

The interview is an important part of getting to know employees and if you are the one being interviewed by the employer getting to know the potential employer. Each interview for the selected role should have the questions being asked of all potential employees be the same, said in the same order and scored to eliminate the risk of there being bias in the selection process. This is not always the case but is the practice that eliminates personal biases and likely hood of remembering only the last or first interviewer. With that said it should have formalized questions and a comfortable environment and should be done in a friendly and welcoming way to let the potential employee feel a bit more at ease in a very stressful situation for them. I have experienced both set questions that were standard as a candidate and some very informal interviews. The formal ones seemed clear on what they wanted to know and made me feel like there was no favoritism shown due to it being scored based on my questions. The informal ones seemed to be more about my personality and see if I would be a good fit within the company’s culture. While I think there is something said about getting to know someone to see if they will fit within the company, they failed to see all that I have to offer and got off track when it came to the interview and making sure I was the best qualified. The formal asked about my personal hobbies’ passions along with interview questions that asked about my knowledge and how I would handle situations. It had a natural flow that allowed them to cover a lot of ground and let me time or questions. I think there is something to be said as someone who gets interviewed knowing that it’s a fair playing field and helped me feel more at ease when being interviewed as well.

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