Compensation is not everything.

I worked for a care home where a new administrator took a job that I don’t believe he really knew what he was getting into or cared to learn how to do the job effectively. He would delegate work to people that were not in the correct scope to do that request and would point fingers when things went wrong. He once admitted to me when running into me at a happy hour that he took the job due the money and saw this as a steppingstone. You could see that he thought of this as a main motivating factor, the income and the opportunity to grow were the only reason he took the job and he cared very little about what the work is that we are doing. He eventually got terminated, but now is doing well in a different sector of healthcare. This makes me happy, because I really don’t think he is a bad person, he just didn’t choose the right job or know proper ways to handle the large job he took on. He later told me that it was honestly sticker shock when he took it and he only saw how much he could do with the money but never thought about the actual job or how it would fit into his life., he knows now that compensation while important cant be the only thing that leads you down a career path, you need to have knowledge of the job to an extent and a drive to do the work. Something that he failed to understand at that point in his career.

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