Monday Message Week 8

Weekly Wellness Tip Make sure you’re going outside and getting that much needed sunlight! Not only does it provide essential vitamin D, it also can help improve your mood by boosting serotonin levels! But don’t forget your sunscreen! HCSA Events This Week DEADLINE THIS WEEKEND! Honors College Student Association Leadership Position ElectionsThe HCSA is holding elections […]

Monday Message Week 5

Weekly Wellness Tip Try out some community service activities! Volunteering is a great way to decrease stress, increase positive emotions, and induce relaxation. Check out OSU’s Community Engagement & Leadership website for some opportunities within the community! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Winter Study Break The HCSA is hosting a Winter Study Break with some […]

Monday Message Week 4

Weekly Wellness Tip Balance is key – too much of anything can be taxing. It’s important to find a balance when dividing your time and energy between school, extracurricular activities, socialization, and anything else that may be an energy-consuming part of your life! HCSA Events This Week TODAY! Ice Cream Social with HCSA Looking for an […]

Monday Message Week 3

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t forget to socialize! Meeting new people as well as hanging out with old friends are great ways to connect with others, which is an important part of emotional well-being!  HCSA Events This Week NEXT MONDAY! Ice Cream Social with HCSA Looking for an opportunity to meet other students and get involved with […]

Monday Message Week 2

Weekly Wellness Tip Be sure to spend some time outside! Whether it’s walking to your classes, hiking, or biking to school, being outside can be a great way to de-stress and improve your mood! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Hosts the Intro to Pomodoro Study Night!You bring the homework, we’ll bring the snacks! Join […]

Monday Message Week 1

Weekly Wellness Tip Having a schedule will set you up for success with whatever you have in store each week.  Plan for different activities or tasks throughout the week, e.g. classes are primarily Mon, Wed and Thurs, and workdays are Sat and Sun. Don’t forget to pencil in a few hours for vital rest and relaxation! […]

Monday Message Week 11

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t forget to take breaks while studying! Rest is an important way to recharge your body and mind. You can rest by simply taking a 15-minute walk outside or having a dance party with your roommates! Do whatever works for you so that you can return to your work with a refreshed mind. Good […]

Monday Message Week 10

Weekly Wellness Tip Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious about the past or future and struggling to focus on the present moment? When you do feel this way, you could try a grounding technique! Try the 5-4-3-2-1 method, where you think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things […]

Monday Message Week 9

Weekly Wellness Tip Did you know that breathing exercises can help to counteract your fight-flight-or-freeze response? Next time you are feeling stressed or panicked, whether that’s during an exam or before a presentation, try the following breathing exercise: Breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds and out through your mouth for 6 seconds. Repeat […]

Monday Message Week 8

Weekly Wellness Tip Remember to eat your fruits, veggies, and whole foods! A healthy, balanced diet can aid in disease prevention, improve your mood, boost your immunity, and have many more health benefits! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HC Wellness WednesdayNeed a little self-care break? Join fellow honors college students at the Sackett E/H & F/G […]