Fall 2021 Monday Message Week 7

Weekly Wellness Tip Focus on what you’re grateful for, whether you write it down, talk about it, or just take the time to think about it! Practicing gratitude can help you experience more positive emotions and can even lead to better physical health! HCSA Events This Week UPCOMING! HSCA Winter Clothing Drive Volunteer OpportunityTo run […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message Week 6

Weekly Wellness Tip Did you know that meditation can reduce stress, enhance memory, increase attention, improve sleep, and lessen anxiety and depression? Meditation is a helpful mindfulness and relaxation tool that has a lot of benefits! If you are interested in trying it, you can follow guided meditations online or attend BEavers HERE NOW sessions, […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message Week 5

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t skimp on your sleep! Getting enough sleep gives your body and mind time to recharge.  It also helps you stay healthy and energized. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is recommended. As college students it can definitely be hard to find enough time for sleep but creating a sleep schedule and managing your […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message – Week 4

Weekly Wellness Tip Incorporate some movement into your day! Being in classes and studying involves a lot of sitting so get moving by walking or biking to classes, taking the stairs, playing a sport or even having a spontaneous dance party!  HCSA Events This Week NEW THIS WEEK! BEavers HERE NOW Meditation with HCSALooking for ways to […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message – Week 3

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t forget your self-care! Making time to care for yourself during the day—whether it’s through skincare, journaling, spending time with friends or something else—is a great way to destress and rejuvenate yourself! HCSA Events This Week HCSA Student-Faculty Trivia Night – Free Pizza!Join us for a friendly trivia competition against fellow Honors College faculty and […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message – Week 2

Weekly Wellness Tip Start your morning with a glass of water! It’ll get you energized and ready for the day. Staying hydrated will set you up for success! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Student-Faculty Trivia Night – Register Now!Join us for a friendly trivia competition against fellow Honors College faculty and students on Thursday, Oct. 14 from […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message – Week 1

A Message from Dean Doolen Welcome to the 2021-2022 academic year! Last week at the Honors College’s induction events, I spoke to students and families about the importance and strength of the Honors College community. The Honors College strives to be a place that supports students in the authentic expression of their identity and in […]

Fall 2021 – Monday Message Week 0

HCSA Events This Week NEW! Join HCSA & Honors X – Free Ice Cream! Looking for an opportunity to meet other students and get involved with the Honors College this fall? The Honors College Student Association holds its general meetings every Monday from 6 to 7 p.m. in LInC 345 beginning Sept. 27. All HC students are welcome to […]

Spring 2021 Monday Message – Finals Week

HCSA Events This Week Free Snacks in the SLUG! The Forgot Your Lunch Program is offering free fruit, cookies, cheese sticks and more for our students during this week and finals week! Please help yourself to these free snacks located in the Forgot Your Lunch cabinets and refrigerator in the SLUG  kitchen (LInC 340) while supplies […]

Spring 2021 Monday Message – Week 10

HCSA Events This Week LAST DAY TO REGISTER! HCSA Spring Picnic – Free Lunch In Person!The Honors College and HCSA are hosting a Spring Picnic outside on the LInC lawn on Friday, June 4 between noon and 2 p.m. Come grab a free lunch and play some fun games like cornhole, spike ball and kite decorating! There will also be a […]