Monday Message Week 5

HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Cafe Yumm Lunch and Discussion EventJoin HCSA on Tuesday, May 3 at 12 p.m. in LINC 345 to get free lunch from Cafe Yumm and engage in an open conversation about group dynamics and the importance of diversity. The discussion will be led by Miguel Arellano Sanchez, who is the Assistant […]

Monday Message Week 4

HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Bob Ross Paint NightCome join the HCSA for a Bob Ross Paint Night on Thursday, April 21 in LinC 345 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.! Bring your friends and artistic minds as Bob Ross (on video) leads you through a relaxing guide to create your artistic masterpieces. Be sure to sign up here by the end of […]

Monday Message Week 2

HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Monte Carlo Trivia NightJoin the HCSA on Wednesday, April 6 from 5-6 p.m. for pizza and friendly trivia competition against Honors College faculty and students in the Sackett F-G Wing lounge. There will be challenging questions, brilliant competitors and gift cards for the winners – tell your friends! TODAY! HCSA Ice Cream SocialLooking for a fun […]

Monday Message Week 1

HCSA Events This Week TODAY! HCSA/Honors X Weekly General MeetingLooking for an opportunity to meet other students and get involved with the Honors College this spring? The Honors College Student Association holds general meetings every Monday from 6 to 7 p.m. in LInC 345. All HC students are welcome to join! If you feel more comfortable joining via Zoom please email Maya Livni […]

Monday Message Week 10

HCSA Events This Week Survey the HC Event App DemoA senior capstone project group needs your input! This group is in charge of designing a mobile app to display events listed in the Monday Message in a more organized and user friendly way. They would greatly appreciate it if you could give some of your time […]

Monday Message Week 9

Weekly Wellness Tip Find time to laugh on a regular basis! Whether it’s by watching a comedy or joking with other people, laughter really can be the best medicine. It can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and strengthen your immune system! HCSA Events This Week TODAY! Honors College Student Association Leadership Position ElectionsThe HCSA is holding […]

Monday Message Week 8

Weekly Wellness Tip Make sure you’re going outside and getting that much needed sunlight! Not only does it provide essential vitamin D, it also can help improve your mood by boosting serotonin levels! But don’t forget your sunscreen! HCSA Events This Week DEADLINE THIS WEEKEND! Honors College Student Association Leadership Position ElectionsThe HCSA is holding elections […]

Monday Message Week 5

Weekly Wellness Tip Try out some community service activities! Volunteering is a great way to decrease stress, increase positive emotions, and induce relaxation. Check out OSU’s Community Engagement & Leadership website for some opportunities within the community! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HCSA Winter Study Break The HCSA is hosting a Winter Study Break with some […]

Monday Message Week 4

Weekly Wellness Tip Balance is key – too much of anything can be taxing. It’s important to find a balance when dividing your time and energy between school, extracurricular activities, socialization, and anything else that may be an energy-consuming part of your life! HCSA Events This Week TODAY! Ice Cream Social with HCSA Looking for an […]

Monday Message Week 3

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t forget to socialize! Meeting new people as well as hanging out with old friends are great ways to connect with others, which is an important part of emotional well-being!  HCSA Events This Week NEXT MONDAY! Ice Cream Social with HCSA Looking for an opportunity to meet other students and get involved with […]