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The Gardens of Piet Oudolf: Pollinator Paradise?

Gardens designed by Piet Oudolf are amazing. Are they also pollinator-friendly? Continue reading

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Pollinators in Your Parking Strip

What’s the first thing people see when approaching a house? The parking strip.What is often the ugliest, most barren part of a yard? The parking strip! The parking strip, often called a “Hell Strip”, is a tough landscaping challenge. Narrowly … Continue reading

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What Exactly is “Garden” Ecology?

In the Garden Ecology Lab, researchers are studying specific pieces of the garden ecology puzzle, including soil nutrient levels, pollinators, and native plants. But what exactly is “garden ecology”, and why is studying it important? Let’s start by defining our … Continue reading

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From the Lab to Your Laptop: Getting Research to the Public

The members of the Garden Ecology lab spend much of their time on research into subjects that affect, what else, the ecology of home gardens. Pollinators and their relations with native and non-native plants, bee variety and abundance in gardens, … Continue reading

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