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Service Desk Digest 3/20/2017

OSU Mobile App Launching Soon

The OSU Mobile App is due to be released starting this week. The IS Service Desk will be the first point-of-contact for questions about this service. We do not expect to get a large number of questions about the app. We will assist with basic usage and escalate all other issues to Web and Mobile Services.

Please review the OSU Mobile App Service InfoSheet and let me know if you have any questions.

Always Make a Ticket

In the past I have made exceptions to the “always make a ticket” rule but that has caught us up short several times recently. If you help a customer via phone or walk-up, you should always make a ticket. If you did not get the customer’s name, please assign the ticket to “Phone Log”.

The following script can be helpful to assure you always get the customer’s name (from section IS Service Desk Process Guide – 3.3 Call Processing Workflow):

Tech: “IS Service Desk, this is <name>. How may I help you?”

<Listen to user request>

Tech: “Okay, before we get started can I get your OSU ID or name?”

Long story short: if you spend any amount of time talking to a customer, please make a ticket.

Walkup Policies

Reminder: our offices are for work only and are not a place to hang out when you are off-shift. This is particularly true in the Service Desk Walkup as we have limited space to help customers and too many people in the room can discourage customers from coming in.

The only people who should be in the Walkup are people currently on-shift or customers.

Techs who are off-shift can be in the call center so long as they are not disruptive and not taking up space needed by people on-shift.

If you need a space to eat or relax, you are welcome to use the couch in 213, or the break room downstairs (please take your food trash to the can outside). If you need a space to do homework, there is an entire lab downstairs full of desks and computers, paid for by student fees. I hear it is run by some nice folks.

Getting Help

The following are some ideas for when you don’t know how to resolve a customer’s request:

  • Review relevant documentation. If you are totally new to the topic, it is a good idea to let the customer know you need to do some research. You can ask them if they want to wait, or be contacted by us later. Get all of the pertinent details before letting them go.
  • Ask a colleague or staff member in your area for assistance. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Who is the customer? Are they an employee, student, affiliate or other? Where are they located? Are they a CN customer?
    • What type of device do they have? Windows or Mac? Laptop, desktop or mobile? What browser?
    • What is the customer trying to do? What error messages did they see? How urgent is this problem or request?
    • What steps have you already tried to resolve the problem?
  • Escalate the issue. If you are not sure what to do and no one is available to assist, let the customer know that you will make a ticket and have someone get back to them. The customer may be disappointed, but this is better than making a guess and being wrong. Make sure all the pertinent information is in the ticket and assign it to “Service Desk – Escalation (Group)”. A supervisor will review the ticket and either reassign it or give you more information to resolve the issue.
  • Communicate with the customer. When you an escalate an issue, you should always send an update to the customer. It may take some time for their request to be resolved, but keeping communication going lets the customer know that we are still working on their request.

Do you have other suggestions? Post them in the comments.



Windows Updates: Policy Change

I’ve updated Group Policy on all staff workstations to prevent installing updates immediately upon shut down. Previously when there were updates scheduled to install, the start menu Shut Down option would be replaced with “Install updates and shut down.” This update gives you back the ability to choose either option. At this point we’re just testing how this plays out for folks.



Bench Ticket Updates

Please follow the build checklists directions to update the ticket frequently.

It may not seem important but these steps have been added for everyone’s convenience. This way everyone outside the bench knows what’s going on with a build and can then keep the clients updated with progress and problems.

Additionally, it is also useful in telling where the build is even while at the bench as we are all human and sometimes misplace build sheets or forget to check them off.

They are not optional steps and only take a minute or two. Thank you!