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The following applications will be updated tonight via Ninite:

  • Google Chrome: 43.0.2357.81 –> 43.0.2357.124 (details)
  • Flash (IE and Firefox): –> (details)
  • PDF Creator: –> (details)
  • Skype: –> (no release notes O.o )

There is about 1GB worth of Windows and Office updates. The WSUS synchronization log can be found here:

\\cn-share\is\TSS\CN\Patch Tuesday\WSUSJune2015.xls

This series of updates does require a reboot.


  • PDFCreator nuked my profile settings and is presenting me with a welcome screen to set up my profile again.
  • Office has decided that new shortcuts should be placed in C:\Users\Public\Desktop. As a result, all of my desktop shortcuts for Office got duplicated.

Windows Updates: Policy Change

I’ve updated Group Policy on all staff workstations to prevent installing updates immediately upon shut down. Previously when there were updates scheduled to install, the start menu Shut Down option would be replaced with “Install updates and shut down.” This update gives you back the ability to choose either option. At this point we’re just testing how this plays out for folks.