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Reftool Update (9-19-2019)

RefTool will receive an update at 5:10 PM today. The update changes how the checkbox to view the ID photo should appear and restores the Exchange photo on an account.

Hiding the Checkbox to View ID Photo

Currently, there is a checkbox in RefTool that must be checked in order to view a client’s ID photo:

This checkbox must be checked to view the Exchange photo as well, provided that there is not an ID photo available to override it. Additionally, the checkbox is shown regardless of whether an account is expected to have an ID photo.

After this update, this checkbox will only appear for ONID user accounts. An account is not an ONID user account if:

  • The Distinguished Name does not include “DC=onid”.
  • Contool data is not available (e.g. ONID delegated account).

Because the account is not an ONID user account, it is not expected have an ID photo from the ID center. Therefore, the checkbox to view the photo is not needed and will be removed.


Account is not in the ONID domain.
Account is in the ONID domain, but is a delegated account.

Restoring the Exchange Photo

Currently, a client’s ID photo overrides their Exchange photo. The latter is manually uploaded by IT support groups by the client’s request.

There’s some demand for RefTool to restore the Exchange photo, which was used in the past to check if an upload is successful. Therefore, this update will restore the photo and place it in the Contact Info section, IF there is an exchange email tied to the account.

An account that has an Exchange email

If an account does not have an Exchange email, the image will not be shown.

An account that does NOT have an Exchange email

For clarity, the ID and Exchange photos will be captioned accordingly.

Questions or comments? Let me know on Slack!

Build Tracker Update (9/11/19)

Hey all,

Build Tracker will receive another update after 5 PM today. The update addresses a couple of bug fixes and some enhancements to finalizing interviews and the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that prevents user from making and saving edits to a finalized interview in edit mode.
  • Fix a bug in which the user cannot assign the placement date on finalizing an interviewing, without saving it first.

Finalizing Interviews

  • “Finalize” button will be renamed as “Add to Build Queue”.
  • Serial number will be required on finalizing. This ensures that the machine is at the Service Desk before it is added to the build queue.
  • On finalizing, the ticket’s responsibility in Team Dynamix will be reassigned to “Service Desk – CN Builds”.
  • The ticket’s comment will carry the machine’s serial number.
  • System type will be removed from the comment.

UI Enhancements

  • The “Software” tab of the interview will contain a button which links to the KB article listing default software for Windows and Mac builds.
“List of Default Software” button
  • “Last modified” time of the interview will be updated in real-time on saving. Consequently, the interview will no longer have to be reloaded.

Build Tracker Update (9/6/19)

Hey all,

Build Tracker will receive an update after 5 PM today. It’s a big one, so this is a longer post than usual. However, I order the list of changes below in descending order of importance, so read the sections “ticket search” and “asset search” first if you can’t finish the post in one sitting.

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Ticket Search
Asset Search
Cloning an Interview
Saving Interview Bug Fix
Other Improvements

Currently, Build Tracker asks for a manual entry of ticket number when creating or cloning an interview. This is error-prone, and requires cross-checking with Team Dynamix.

Manual entry of ticket number

After the update, BT will feature a ticket search field. Searching for a ticket ID will reveal the ticket information from Team Dynamix including the title and requester.

Ticket search drop-down

Clicking on the ticket will auto-fill the ticket number text below. You must select a ticket in the drop-down to assign a ticket number to the interview.

The ticket clone dialog will also feature this search bar. It will work the same way there.

Ticket search bar in clone dialog

Similarly, to minimize data entry errors, asset ID entry will also be done via a search bar. Asset search will replace the asset entry fields on the AD/Cyder tab of the interview view and the build view.

Interview – AD/Cyder tab

Searching for an asset by ID will reveal the asset with information from Team Dynamix, including the name, manufacturer, and model.

Asset search result

Alternatively, you can also check whether there is already an asset tied to the ticket (in Team Dynamix). Type a question mark in your query to list assets tied to the ticket:

Query ‘?’ result

Because this query actually composes of two separate queries made in succession to Team Dynamix, the process can be a little slow. Initially, you’ll likely see a “no asset found” message. Give it a second, and the asset will show.

Selecting an asset from the drop-down will also automatically populate the asset’s data to the page.

Asset’s data is populated on selection.

Because of this automatic behavior, the “populate asset data” button will be made deprecated and removed.

Notice the new kid to the block, the “add asset to ticket” button. If an asset is available in Team Dynamix, and the asset hasn’t already been added to the TD ticket, you can tie the asset to the ticket here.

Cloning an Interview

Aside from the ticket search bar, there will be other UI changes to cloning. Currently, the clone dialog provides two buttons at the bottom, “use this info” and “cancel”.

Current clone dialog

After the update, the clone dialog will feature three buttons:

Three buttons after update

These buttons are intended to provide a bit more flexibility to cloning.

More importantly, Build Tracker’s current behavior upon cloning is to switch immediately from the original interview to the clone. The new behavior will open the clone in a new tab, leaving the original in the previous tab. Furthermore, the original interview will display a confirmation dialog, including the ticket numbers of the original and clone.

Cloning confirmation dialog

Saving Interview Bug Fix

The update will fix a bug that prevents an interview from being saved when the AD Domain OU field is not filled in (in the AD/Cyder tab).

Other UI Improvements

  • Saving an interview will also provide a confirmation or error dialog. (If you choose to “save and clone” at the clone dialog, a save confirmation will pop up in addition to the clone confirmation).
Saving confirmation
  • Saving will also refresh the page to show you that the ticket has indeed been saved and to update the “Last Modified” time at the top right corner.
  • “Edit mode” is intended to render a finalized interview editable (to a certain extent). To clarify its usage, edit mode will not show unless the interview is finalized.
  • For visual clarity, the “save” button in the build view will be highlighted with an orange-red color.
  • Before, the development (dev) instance of BT looked exactly the same as the production (prod) instance. To distinguish between them, dev now has a red top banner and the word “sandbox” next to “Build Tracker”. Prod (the instance normally used) does not have this change.
Build Tracker’s top banner on dev

That’s all, folks! If you have questions or comments, feel free to let me know. I can be reached on Slack or by email.

Reftool Updates Recap (8/26/19)

Hello all,

This blog post’s purpose is to recap a couple of RefTool updates. There was an update last Friday and there will be one after hours today.

Friday Update

The former update concerned the change in time format in the Account Created and Password Changed fields in RefTool. In the past, RefTool displayed these times in the 12-hour time format, but without indication of AM/PM. This update implemented proper 12-hour time.

Additionally, the update freed the OSU profile photo integration from third-party dependencies. Previously, RefTool relied on Team Dynamix to obtain an ONID user’s university ID, then used it to request a photo from OSU Operational Data Store (ODS). This is no longer the case. RefTool now requests the ID directly from ODS, then uses it to request the photo. In the case that Team Dynamix is down, we expect the photo integration to be unaffected.

Today’s Update

The update deployed after hours today will bring some backend improvements to the photo integration.

That’s all, folks! If you have questions or comments, let me know.

RefTool Update

Hello all,

On this Wednesday from 5:10 pm to 5:20 pm, RefTool will receive a major update! This update will facilitate the Service Desk’s vetting process to providing password reset PINs to ONID users. There are 2 new features.

Masking Alternate Contact Information

Currently, by default RefTool displays the user’s alternate email and phone number in full:

Screenshot of alternate contact information before the update

After the update, RefTool will mask the client’s alternate contact info by default.

Screenshot of alternate contact info after update

Users of RefTool can reveal the alternate contact info by clicking on the “Show alt. contact” button. Doing this also displays a warning to  the user not to share the full info.

Screenshot of warning message after revealing the alternate contact info

Displaying a Person’s OSU ID Picture

For ONID-based accounts ONLY, RefTool will load the OSU ID card’s picture OSU has on record for a person.

Screenshot of person's profile picture

Note that OSU do not have pictures for the accounts below:

  • General mailboxes
  • Non-ONID accounts (AD-based accounts in various domains, e.g. science, engineering, TSS)

Unless these accounts have their own profile pictures linked from somewhere, an image will not be available.

That’s all folks. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, let me know!

For demonstration, all identifiable info contained in the screenshots regarding the masking of alternate contact info have been edited via Google Chrome’s Inspector. ONID user “bennybeav” and all their contact info are made up.

TD Asset Sync Update

Hello all!

Team Dynamix Asset Sync script received an update which will go live this week! There are new attributes included in the sync with Casper.

Warranty Expiration Date

The asset sync script creates a new asset in TD if the asset exists in Casper but not TD. Among the attributes retrieved for the new asset is warranty expiration date; however, for existing assets, it was not synced.

Warranty expiration date is now synced for existing TD assets. Like other attributes synced, date obtained from Casper only overwrites that in TD when there is a date in Casper and it is different from the date in TD.

Acquisition Date

Additionally, the sync script now creates/updates a TD asset’s acquisition date. This is obtained from Casper’s purchase order (PO) date.

Sandbox Test Result

The sync script was tested on TD Sandbox. As an example, below is the update result of asset #336601:

Screenshot of Asset #336601 updated
Latest (sandbox) update to asset #336601

Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know!

Build Tracker Update

Hey all,

Build Tracker received a variety of fixes which will go live this week! Here are the changes to expect:

Selecting Operating System

When creating an interview, the user is asked to select an operating system. The following operating systems are deleted:

  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Mac OS X Sierra
  • OSX + Win7 (Parallels)

Additionally, OSX + Win10 (Bootcamp) is removed since it is increasingly out of favor.

On the other hand, Mac OS X Mojave is added.

BEFORE. *Not shown: OSX + Win7 (Parallels)


Selecting ONID Unit

In the AD/Cyber tab of the interview form, selecting an AD Domain OU is no longer required for Mac builds. There is a note indicating such. If the build is not exclusively Mac, the note will not show.


AFTER. *Mac OS X Mojave build

Build & Checkoff Tabs

In the build sheet, either the Build and Checkoff tab are underlined when it is active (i.e. currently viewed). The underlining used to be a kind of blue, which was hard to see against a background colored with another shade of blue. The underline is now plain red, for better distinction.



Another feature added is the build sheet auto-switching to the Checkoff tab when the user completes the Build checklist. The Build checklist is considered complete when the last item in the checklist is checked. The auto-switching also occurs when the user returns to the build sheet with the Build list finished.

That’s all, folks! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, let me know.

RefTool Update


RefTool received a fix which will go live this week!

For delegated accounts, the Support Group filter doesn’t look past the initial and thus assigns them all to the Service Desk. For example:

Screenshot of "Account Details" section

The user’s Account Location shows the account as delegated to COS. However, RefTool assigns the user to the Service Desk, as shown next to Support Group, which is incorrect.

Screenshot of "Customer Details" section before the fix

The latest fix changes that. Now, RefTool designates the user’s Support Group correctly:

Screenshot of "Customer Details" section after the fix

There remain several delegated accounts that are still designated as “unknown” or “Service Desk” as before.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions!*

*As you may have noticed, Rick Menzel is not this post’s author, even though he did all of the work. My name is Khoa Tran, and I will be his replacement for the upcoming academic year. Kudos to him for letting me steal the show!