AD OU – TDx Department Sync Script

Hello all,

TDx Asset Sync is about to have a new script in place. It addresses a deficiency of SCCM asset sync script. In fact, SCCM asset sync associates an asset with the right department only when the AD OU needs to be updated. It does not associate the department when the AD OU matches, but has been manually assigned to another department.

For example, take the AD OU: CN/Office of Academic Achievement (OAA)/Computers. This belongs to Academic Achievement – Dept in TDx. If, in the future, there is some departmental change that requires the AD OU to be reassigned to another department, SCCM sync will not re-associate the asset to the new department, as long as the AD OUs from SCCM and TDx agree. Indeed, from testing we found hundreds of cases like this.

The AD OU – TDx Department Association Script aims to solve this. Once a week, it looks at every single SCCM asset and checks if its AD OU really belongs to the department assigned. If not, it will reassign the asset with the correct department.

Here are the technical considerations made when reassigning departments:

  • If the asset’s AD OU isn’t set, leave the department field unchanged.
  • If the asset’s AD OU cannot be associated to a department in TD, leave the department field unchanged.
  • There’s a department account named No department in TDx. Assets without associable AD OUs are assigned to this pseudo-department by SCCM Sync. Additionally, there are assets whose AD OUs are manually assigned to No department. We’ve decided to discontinue assigning assets to this department, both in the AD OU-Department sync and SCCM sync scripts.
  • Lastly, if the asset’s AD OU can matched to a real department, reassign it to that department.

From the number of assets changed in testing, we realized this is an expansive operation, particularly on the first run. However, we hope that departmental changes don’t happen often, so subsequent runs won’t change so many assets.

The association script will run every Sunday at midnight (0:00), starting this coming Sunday.

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