Service Desk Digest – 3/8/2021

Zoom Update

Zoom update 5.5.4 was released March 1, and has improvements for clearly indicating who is sharing content. It also includes a new custom gallery view order option so that when non-video participants turn on video, the gallery order doesn’t change. Please encourage customers to upgrade.

Details here:

Upcoming Banner Maintenance

  • March 11 @ 12:01am-4:00am – MyDegrees outage to apply security upgrades. This maintenance is scheduled after registration.
  • March 13 (in the morning) – PROD database upgrade to Oracle 19.3. Impacts Appworx, AWA, Banner Self-Service, Banner 9, some admin tools in Canvas, Clean Address, Nolij, MyDegrees, eSET, EvalS, FormFusion, some MyOregonState links, Banner Workflow, some OnBase functions, Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM), Academic Catalot (CAT), Schedule of Classes.

Skype for Business Removal

The Endpoint team are rolling out a package to remove Skype for Business from CN-managed computers. This process is currently running against computers owned by UIT. Pending the results of that push, the package removal will be pushed out to the rest of the CN fleet.

Note that OSU’s Skype for Business servers were taken down a while ago. However, it is possible that some customers may still be using it to access non-OSU servers. In that case, they are welcome to reinstall the app.

Beaver Basecamp

Beaver Basecamp is a tool used by Admissions to manage the new student admissions process. Note that incoming students make an account in Beaver Basecamp before they get their ONID account. Once they are fully admitted, they sign up for ONID and at that point have a new username and password. A few folks have been confused by the two different accounts.

Questions about Beaver Basecamp should be referred to Admissions.

For more information about Beaver Basecamp, see: Beaver Basecamp

What’s My Phone Number?

OSU extensions are commonly written in a 5-digit format:

  • If you see an OSU extension that starts with a 7, the full number will be 541-737-xxxx.
  • For OSU extensions that start with a 3, the full number will be 541-713-xxxx.

Tanium & Tenable

Tanium and Tenable are management applications that run on university-owned devices. Tanium ensures critical updates are applied, and Tenable monitors for vulnerabilities. For the most part, we should not need to do anything with either application.

Once Tanium is installed on a computer, VPN is not needed in order to get updates. Tanium ensures that Tenable is installed and running. We are not installing Tanium on personal devices.

For more information about Tanium & Tenable, see:

MyOSU/Luminis Gone

Reminder that MyOSU was replaced by MyOregonState last year. I have pulled most references to MyOSU from the knowledge base. The “Luminis Admins” contact has also been removed from TeamDynamix.

For instructions on escalating MyOregonState questions, please see: MyOregonState Service InfoSheet (Internal)

Note that many OSU websites may still refer to “MyOSU” and customers may still refer to MyOregonState that way.

Reminder: Asking Questions

We are a team and it’s great to ask questions. However, there is a better way to do it! Read on for some guidance on how to ask for help:

  1. Gather all the info you can about who the customer is, which computer they are using, where they are, and what they are trying to do.
  2. Make good notes on the troubleshooting steps you have already tried.
  3. Determine urgency: When asking someone for help, let the other person know how urgent the request is.
  4. Learn something new: If you escalate, follow up to find out what the answer was.
  5. Document what you learned in the ticket and the knowledge base. Save future technicians time and trouble!