Reftool 2/23/21

Reftool is scheduled to be updated at 7:30pm on Wednesday February 23, 2021. While this happens the service will be unavailable for about 15 minutes.

Service Offering Access

A new block has been added when viewing a user’s page. It is located below “Contact Info”. The purpose of this block is to display the access and licenses users have to different service offerings, based on their groups.


Clicking on “Service Offering” toggles the filtering method: ascending, descending, or none for the column based on alphabetical order.

Clicking on “Access” toggles the filtering of the service offering access based on the status.

It is possible to filter “Access” and “Service Offering” simultaneously.

The following are examples of what the block looks like for different accounts

ONID Account

Non ONID Account



Sentry GateKeeper for E911 and SoftPhones

Steve Fowler with Telecom would like us to help test a new application.

The Sentry GateKeeper provides location data for E911 for soft phone users.

For information and a link to the installer, see: Sentry GateKeeper

Please try the installation and review the user guide. We do not need to make any test calls to 911. Please send feedback on this application to Kirsten Petersen or Steve Fowler.