Service Desk Digest – 3/24/2021

ONID Activation Changes

There will be a new ONID activation process soon, which should hopefully reduce support calls. The change had been scheduled for 3/25, but has been pushed back to next week (probably 3/31). You can see a walk-thru of the process or try it yourself. For info, see: New ONID Activation Process

IAM have already written draft updates to the relevant KB articles; these will be published when the new process is put in place.

Security Software Deployment

There will be another round of security software deployed to university-owned Windows computers (workstations and servers) starting Thursday, 3/25. If you run into issues with high disk I/O or CPU utilization that appear to be related to the new software, please see the parent tickets and ask in the SD Internal Talk channel for assistance.

MyCN Status

MyCN is working for access to CN-Home and CN-Share. However, customers can no longer access other network shares. Password changes are also not working at this time.

It is likely that MyCN is going to stay like this for a while. Please help customers with work-arounds: MyCN Parent ticket

Changes to Wireless Network

NOC has made some updates to the wireless network, including disabling WPA TKIP legacy encryption method. Only a handful of devices were seen still trying to use this method. For details, see: Wireless change parent ticket