REFTOOL (6/9/20)

Hello my name is Michael Jereza, I will be the new student developer to replace Khoa.

Reftool will be updated Tuesday, June 9, 7:15pm-7:30pm.

The update will expand search functionality to include accounts with different domains in the results of a username query, and refines the results of OSU ID searches.

Username search

Searching for a <username> will now return all accounts for that username, including prefixes.

Result Sorting

Search results are now sorted by username rather than full name. Exact username matches will be pushed to the top.

Search by ID

OSU ID search will now return as a single result matching the ONID.

Current version of Reftool returns multiple results and highlights the correct ONID match in blue.
New version of Reftool returns a single result that matches the searched ID.

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