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Build-tracker 4/29/21

Build-tracker will be undergoing maintenance 4/29 at 7:15pm. This should take 5-10 minutes.

Go to Checkoff button

There is a new addition to Build-tracker within the build interface.

The “GO TO CHECKOFF” button, in the bottom right, takes the user to the checkoff section of build. This is only available after expanding the “Accounts” subsection.

Reftool 2/23/21

Reftool is scheduled to be updated at 7:30pm on Wednesday February 23, 2021. While this happens the service will be unavailable for about 15 minutes.

Service Offering Access

A new block has been added when viewing a user’s page. It is located below “Contact Info”. The purpose of this block is to display the access and licenses users have to different service offerings, based on their groups.


Clicking on “Service Offering” toggles the filtering method: ascending, descending, or none for the column based on alphabetical order.

Clicking on “Access” toggles the filtering of the service offering access based on the status.

It is possible to filter “Access” and “Service Offering” simultaneously.

The following are examples of what the block looks like for different accounts

ONID Account

Non ONID Account



Reftool 12/30/20

View More Account Details

Reftool’s “View LDAP Entry” button has been renamed to “View More Account Details“. This is a more accurate description of the data shown in the JSON section.


Users part of the OSU Police Department will now be flagged with a yellow CJIS tag. This signifies that CJIS training is needed to remote into a computer or provide on-site assistance to the Police Department.

Reftool 9/17/20

Reftool will be unavailable at 5:15pm until 5:30pm to receive updates.

Primary and Current Affiliations

A user’s primary affiliation used to appear as bold:

Now primary affiliations is an individual field:

A KB article about Affiliation is also linked from RefTool by clicking on any of the affiliations.

Azure Active Directory Sync

Reftool now displays how long ago on premises Active Directory was synced with Azure Cloud Services:

This information can be refreshed every 2 minutes, requiring Reftool user’s to refresh the page in order to update the counter.

Reftool 8/27/20

This Reftool update brings multiple quality of life changes.

Application routing for search was simplified.

Upon pressing the “Search” button for a query: “query”, results will be displayed under the following URL.

The original routing:;searchType=type;filterType=filter;searchAliases=bool

The new search route:

A “Share” button has been added to the right of the results panel, it allows users to share search results.

Note: this will only display if results are returned.

Clicking the share button will copy a shareable Reftool query to the clipboard.

It will take the previous form in order to export parameters:;searchType=type;filterType=filter;searchAliases=bool

Chronological History

History will now display newest queries first. This will not affect previously saved cookies, only new queries. It might be preferable to clear history to remove cookies in the old order.

Smooth Scrolling

Upon pressing the “LDAP Entry” button, a smooth scrolling animations will play. The button will smooth scroll to either the LDAP entry or the previously pressed button.

Note: this animation was not compatible with the Chrome browser in testing.

Reftool 8/13/20

Minor changes coming to Reftool, it will be down for maintenance 5:15pm – 5:30pm.

Removed DUO Mandatory Field

By popular demand the Duo Mandatory field has been removed. It was only used for the Duo rollout project and was causing confusion.

Search Result Formatting

A styling issue caused the results to print text on a single line.

Results will now display username, domain, description, and department on their own line.

Reftool 8/12/20

Reftool will be updated on Wednesday, August 12, 5:15pm – 5:30pm.

The update expands the scope of searches to multiple domains, including groups that weren’t visible before, and simplifying the expanded profile URL.

AD OU Group Querying

Before this update, Reftool queries an Active Directory for groups within the ‘tss’ domain. This prevented groups from appearing if the user wasn’t also part of that domain.

This user is of the ‘onid’ domain. Notice the lack of groups, this is currently what Reftool displays.

A new domain lookup method allows us to determine the user’s group, then fetch groups from within that domain’s Active Directory instance.

This user now displays their group from the ‘onid’ domain.

New Expanded User URL

To query the proper domains for a user, their distinguished name must first be fetched in order to determine their domain. In order for this to work properly when navigating directly to a user’s profile from a URL, the routing has bee simplified.

Previously Reftool user profiles were routed through their explicit GUID:

Now user profiles will be routed through ‘user’ by the username of the account:

REFTOOL (6/9/20)

Hello my name is Michael Jereza, I will be the new student developer to replace Khoa.

Reftool will be updated Tuesday, June 9, 7:15pm-7:30pm.

The update will expand search functionality to include accounts with different domains in the results of a username query, and refines the results of OSU ID searches.

Username search

Searching for a <username> will now return all accounts for that username, including prefixes.

Result Sorting

Search results are now sorted by username rather than full name. Exact username matches will be pushed to the top.

Search by ID

OSU ID search will now return as a single result matching the ONID.

Current version of Reftool returns multiple results and highlights the correct ONID match in blue.
New version of Reftool returns a single result that matches the searched ID.