Emergency Maintenance on OSU_Secure wireless network

Information Services performed emergency maintenance on the OSU_Secure wireless network at 6 AM this morning (Feb. 11th). After the maintenance, Mac and PC laptops should present a warning notification that the security certificate has changed. This is expected behavior; please click through the notification and you should not be presented with the warning again.  If you do receive multiple requests to accept the certificate, please temporarily switch to OSU_Access and let us know.

We do not believe that Smartphones will present a warning based on the testing we have done, but we have not been able to test all platforms and operating systems.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Maintenance on OSU_Secure wireless network”

  1. From Jim Galloway:
    Hi all,
    Unfortunately the change below breaks the OSU_Secure profile I pushed out via GPO last Monday so I’ve disabled it for now until further testing can be done. If users call in please walk them through connecting to OSU_Access and run a gpupdate /force to remove the broken profile. Also, users who connect to OSU_Access or wired will have the policy removed as per the standard update interval (every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes).

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