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Emergency Maintenance on OSU_Secure wireless network

Information Services performed emergency maintenance on the OSU_Secure wireless network at 6 AM this morning (Feb. 11th). After the maintenance, Mac and PC laptops should present a warning notification that the security certificate has changed. This is expected behavior; please click through the notification and you should not be presented with the warning again.  If you do receive multiple requests to accept the certificate, please temporarily switch to OSU_Access and let us know.

We do not believe that Smartphones will present a warning based on the testing we have done, but we have not been able to test all platforms and operating systems.

Policy Change – OSU Secure

On Tuesday, February 3rd at 5pm, a TSS domain-wide policy for OSU_Secure wireless will be deployed. What this does is create a wireless profile for OSU_Secure, sets it as the default profile and makes it available prior to Windows logon. Users will have the option to switch to OSU_Access if needed. OSU Extension has been excluded from this change due to potential issues with older access points. Additionally, Microsoft Surface tablets will be excluded from this change due to issues with wireless drivers that do notproperly support Cisco PEAP authentication.

See the link for documentation and troubleshooting details: OSU_Secure GPO Information