Blog Post #4

Whoops, it comes to my fourth blog. Hi there, this is Ivan, glad to see you again! Today I would like to talk something about my project development and my experience with Unity.

As stated before, my group project is to build a room escape game. And our plan is to make it a Dungeon break out game. Thanks to the assets provided by one of my teammates, our group don’t need to manually construct the models which are goings to be used in the project. It saves us lots of time! One thing need to be mentioned is that three of us are totally new to Unity, so at first I think it may be hard for our team in the beginning phase. However, another teammate Stephanie is good enough to solve the most of the problems we met. She also taught us some very common but useful skills.

For me, my mission is to finish building one room by the end of this week and start to build the first puzzle in my room. Since I already got bunch of usable assets, what I did is like building a lego: image how the room should be like, search from the assets, grab the one that I would like to use and finally make adjustment to the position and rotation of the assets. I watched several introduction videos and online tutorials to get familiar with the basic action with Unity. It is so fun! Although some of the action may be a bit complicated for me as I’m new to Unity, but I can feel my motion and enthusiasm to learn. For the next step, I would like to build a puzzle that if the player bring the certain object in front of the tomb, it will raise up. It sounds like an easy stuff but I still need to spend time exploring the inside techniques and skills so that I can get more familiar with Unity.

Finally, game time! Pokemon Arceus was released this morning. I’m happy to see that Pokemon finally get some innovation on the game mechanism. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the previous series but Arecus seems to obtain a good reputation from players. So before I try it, I would like to wait to see people’s comments and reactions for it.

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