Blog Post #2

Hi there, this is Ivan, nice to see you again! Today I want to spend some time to talk about my past job, internship and future career and job hunt.

Currently I’m a full time CS student in OSU. During my previous degree in Australia, I have one internship and one part-time job. The internship is working in a conveyancing company. My job there is to deal with clients’ information file and do some law-related researches. Those works are not complicated and does not require extra time. Just sometime I need to go over a very long file such as a contract and pick up any errors inside it. I went to the company twice a week during my semester with one of my colleges. Although I’m not paid for this internship, I thought I learned a lot from it. Later during my summer break, I find a part-time job in a restaurant. This is my first paid job during my life so it really means a lot to me. Also one important thing is that I made a lots of friends during that part-time job. But due to my heavy load in law-studying, I’m not able to continue with this part time job. After that, I graduated from law school and pandemic came. So I decided to take another degree on CS with OSU – that’s why I’m here!

For my future career and job hunt, at the very first beginning of my CS career, I hope I can get a job working in a game company due to my great passion in games. And I heard from my friends that there are many great game companies in Bay Area. Later when I start learning, I found that coding is also very interesting to me. Combine with the latest information from my friends, I change my mind to accept any programming job. I have started to practice questions on leetcode to prepare the interviews. Hope I can get it done successfully.

For the project, I got Room Escape Games with my team. I’m really excited to implement my first game project. We decided to build this on Unity, and there may be some modelling works on Blender. Those technologies are new to me but I’m willing to learn it! We haven’t decided which language to use, but according to one of my teammates, C# may be the choice. I have no experience about C# before but my teammates said it is very similar with Java, so I think it won’t be a big problem for me.

Last, let’s talk about games! Monster Hunter Rise is finally released on PC. Previously, I have spent lots of time playing Monster Hunter World. it’s so fun I love this series. I’ll definitely play Monster Hunt Rise during my spare time!

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