Blog Post #3

Hi there, great to see you again! This is Ivan. As our group has started working on the project, I would like to share my experience in exploring the project.

Our team’s project is to build a room escape challenge game. After discussion, we decided to use Unity as our main game engine to construct the game. I also downloaded Blender beforehand in order to handle the case that we need to do modelling ourselves. Luckily, one of our teammates already got the models that can be used in this project. As I have almost zero experience before with using Unity, I spent several hours going through the online tutorials and tried some of the features by myself. I found working with Unity is very interesting. My plan is to build a room first then I would start constructing my puzzles. At first, I was not that familiar with different kind of tools in Unity, so I was quite low in efficiency, as I need to review those online resources when I was working. But up to now, I think I’m doing better and my efficiency has improved a lot. My room is about in half of the progress and I enjoy the process that I’m brainstroming on how the room should be like and what should be included. One of my teammates Stephanie helped me a lot. I learned from her about how to add an animator to the object and set a trigger for it. That will be very useful as one of my plan is to add a chest that hold a certain necessary item in it.

Currently, what I have done is all about modelling. As I’m new to Unity, so I hope I can finish constructing room by early next week, so that I can start coding. I’m not worrying that the job will be hard because I really enjoy it.

Lastly, game time! Yu-gi-oh Master Duel is online now. I used to play a lot Yu-gi-oh with my friends during the senior high school. It’s very interesting. Although the rules has changed a lot, I believe I can still enjoy it.

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