CS 467 Blog #1

Hi there, I’m Ivan. I obtained Bachelor of Law in Australia. Due to my passion in computer (actually games) field, I decided to learn CS after my graduation. And then, I’m here. Currently I’m a full time student taking four courses this term. If everything goes well, I will finished my CS degree once I complete this term’s study.

Personally, as a game lover, I prefer to have a job that related to game. But I have no obsessiveness on this, I can accept any programmer’s job because coding is interesting for me! I love the technologies using in developing games: modelling, designing and game engine. When I haven’t get into my CS career, I’m dreaming about creating my own game engine, later I found this is far more complicated and hard than what I imagined haha. But I won’t give up, I’ll keep learning the technologies and skills that are required for a game programmer. I also want to learn drawing in future as I see it will help in many aspects for today’s gaming job.

My interests is game and sports. Due to the pandemic, I have to spend most of my time staying home. So besides study, I would like to play games, I got PS5 and switch, also a laptop. On every weekend, I will go out and do some sports. Basketball is definitely my first choice, I used to be in my high school basketball team. But during the university life, I seldom play it. So now I decided to pick it up. Besides basketball, I also play ping-pong and billiard. Skiing is the one I learned recently, it is very fun.

My journey with OSU is pretty fine, up to now I have taken 12 courses and got 11 As. Those courses brought me go through the fundamental concepts to the actual applications. Now I’m forwarding to learn more advance skills. I believe the journey will be fantastic.

Since this is the first week of the term, I still don’t know how this course will be in the future, hope I can handle everything to make me better. The most project I chose is about games. I like the idea about those game project: rhythm game, room escape, tower defence. I have definitely played those kinds of games before and now it’s my turn to build my own game. It makes me really exciting!

Let’s talk something else, games! I have been waiting for Elden Ring for almost two years and now it’s close to the date! I’m a big fan of From Software, their games are masterpieces. I’ve joined the Elden Ring test last November and I believe it will definitely be my favourite game in 2022!

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