Blog Post #5

Before I begin talking about the stuff of my project development, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! In this year, Feb 1 is Chinese New Year which is this week’s Tuesday. My family invites several friends to celebrate the New Year Festival. For me, I haven’t done New Year celebration for almost 7 years, because I was studying in Australia. Australia locates on the Southern Hemisphere so when it comes to Chinese New Year, it’s summer. And usually at that time, my new semester has already begun. I don’t have relatives in Australia so to be honest, the feeling of New Year celebration is quite weak. My friends are also busy with their studies so unless the New Year is on weekends, we would not spend time making a party for it. But now I got my family here, and I don’t need to spend too much time on preparing the work, so I can finally enjoy a Chinese New Year celebration!

OK, let’s back to my project. Since it’s close to mid-term now and I take four courses this term, I’m really busy with every course’s work and assignment these two weeks. On my calendar, I got 10 more dues each week. But I’ll come through it, as long as I have a good arrangement among each course, actually that’s what I have done last term. In this week, I fully implement the first puzzle which requires the player to put certain items in front of certain objects. I find I was quite enjoying the process of building the puzzles. As a game lover, I have played lots of games that include solving puzzles. A good puzzle will need to have some ‘notices’ on how to solve it. So when I was building, I tried to come out with some ideas that I can leave clues for players to explore so that they will know what they need to solve this puzzle. Fortunately, the resources we have includes lots of useful assets. I’m able to find an abstract way to tell user the required items. It’s really interesting. Although I’m still in the learning phase with Unity, I obtained some very useful techniques. Hope I can master Unity someday!

So lastly, game time! Dying Light 2 is released yesterday. It has been more than 7 years since Dying Light 1. Although I’m not a player of it, many of my friends have recommended it. I heard that If you want to fully finished the game (with all side requests done), it will need more than 200 hours! I don’t have that much time to spend with it, but I may watch some videos or live streaming about it.

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