Blog Post #3

Hi there, great to see you again! This is Ivan. As our group has started working on the project, I would like to share my experience in exploring the project. Our team’s project is to build a room escape challenge game. After discussion, we decided to use Unity as our main game engine to construct… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

Hi there, this is Ivan, nice to see you again! Today I want to spend some time to talk about my past job, internship and future career and job hunt. Currently I’m a full time CS student in OSU. During my previous degree in Australia, I have one internship and one part-time job. The internship… Continue reading Blog Post #2

CS 467 Blog #1

Hi there, I’m Ivan. I obtained Bachelor of Law in Australia. Due to my passion in computer (actually games) field, I decided to learn CS after my graduation. And then, I’m here. Currently I’m a full time student taking four courses this term. If everything goes well, I will finished my CS degree once I… Continue reading CS 467 Blog #1

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