Quick list of links to (16) sessions I thought relevant (with video links if available). 5 day conference with over 750 sessions, 550 exibitors. 28,000 industry professionals attended this year.
* Here’s our route from hotel to venue.
* A fun montage of 360 video clips from various areas of the show (4 min.)
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i thought this was an excellent talk at GDC last month. It’s about the importance of critique, and how to do it. I think there’s a lot that applies to how our CDT team handles/offers criticisms, as well as a lot about how teachers can approach feedback for their students (so, applicable to Instructional Designers and Media Developers). Continue reading

I gave a talk for co-workers about the magic tools CDT developers use, how we use them, and where I think we’re heading. I tried to use this blog post as my notes, opening links in new browser tabs as if they were slides. Now I’m fleshing the sections out a little, so you can just read this post by itself (please feel free to swing by and ask me questions about any of this!). The idea is that it starts off pretty tame, but gets progressively … crazy scifi.

10 hardware topics in 60 minutes:

  1. basic gear
  2. audio
  3. video
  4. studio
  5. depth sensing webcams
  6. 360
  7. scanning
  8. nick H.
  9. spendy weird stuff
  10. too cool

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“Engage, Empower Students with 21st Century Skills” – Susan Meeks, Breakaway Games

The speaker covered some problems in the current education system(s), it’s antiquated goals, and the incomplete theories that form its foundation. Also covered several new inventions and innovative ideas for reform.

While there are two must-see videos about the current American school system, I think the most interesting aspect of this talk was: the weird reactions (especially, the things it made me think about – zany brainstorms included below).

The question at the end (about presenting our long term assessment metrics to upper management, in a useful manner) struck me as one of the more profound takeaways of the whole conference.

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