Gaze lecture roomStopped by the OSU150 GAZE event today. My phone almost immediately ran out of juice, so my notes are slim. But I grabbed a white board marker and one of their postcards to jot some things down:

I spoke with Laurie Becker (who mentioned talking with my boss at Ecampus already). She noted the problem with VR being that nobody with a mac can access them (so she wondered if mac users should be blocked from taking the class?). I mentioned the phone based options and webGL exports we’ve made so everyone can get something, but she didn’t seem to be on board. (or maybe i misread? there were a lot of other people wandering up and blurting out interruptions. Guessing they were all friends? Or I come off like a homeless person?).

+ She also mentioned her team had been working on modeling all of campus, but students kept graduating. I tried to get her to reach out to us to collaborate. (she mentioned a student using ESRI’s CityEngine to make some progress. maybe got all the LIDAR data converted to 3D models, but was overwhelmed by texturing?). And we talked to a guy (…josiah? zachariah?) from … the business school (?) who mentioned already having the 3D models of every building interior on campus (!).

Projector Globe+ She showed a cool app version of their globe projector (pictured), which works on iOS or Android, called HoloGLOBE. (it’s free!).

+ they were using an AR marker cube called “Merge Cube” ($10 bucks on amazon. Hoping Ecampus can get one)

+ Finally, helped a grad student set up her Vive demo (Ginny Katz i think?). Her thesis is about AR visualizations of topology. Figured she might be really into the sandbox Nick Harper set up. We also talked about a gizmo that lets you user your phone for hand input (Like, you strap it to your chest and wear 3 colored dots on your fingers? I had never heard of this before. will follow up).

+ Came back and tried to get the Custom Multimedia and WebDev teams to head over and check it out – but failed. Maybe because it was lunch time. But probably because nobody seems to want to meet strangers around campus? (not sure how to convey the value in this! except to write up a blog post like this!)

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