Quick list of links to (16) sessions I thought relevant (with video links if available). 5 day conference with over 750 sessions, 550 exibitors. 28,000 industry professionals attended this year.
* Here’s our route from hotel to venue.
* A fun montage of 360 video clips from various areas of the show (4 min.)
– Khronos WebGL and glTF brief (video)

Teaching with games brief (not recorded)

[students submit recording of essay on soundcloud. twitch streaming for reading? all art is time based interactive media. goal of historical analysis is modern relevance so you need students to connect to touchstones/context]

– VR Previz from NLP brief (? video later? lost?) (+ DisneyResearchHub)

Immersive UI brief (video)

[Software’s world is it’s brand, UI shouldn’t compete with it. Should tie into it, and further develop it. Skeumorphism can put you in the world, while flat design can keep focus on hero character. “Splatoon is alien world, but UI is inspired by graffiti, nickelodeon slime, and Keith Haring” ]

writing v. narrative brief (video)

[Strictly dividing up work leads to tension and frustration over ownership. Holding Tongue verses too blunt. writer dominating = limited choices, and user ise least interesting character(compared to side kicks). Designer dominating= dialog too instructional, and Mechanics that don’t tie into narrative.]

franchise branding brief (video)

[Users engage in continuous re-appraisal of the work. Frank Daniel’s screenplay “sequence method”. What they know so far, and what they expect next. Tie into what your audience values, not what other institutions are having success with. If you don’t think about values in your design, they are still there]

Improving Peer Project Critique brief (video)

[already covered in Slack. (Check replies?)]

– Unity New Features brief (video)

– VFX Principles brief (video)

– VR Design Challenges brief (video)

Mobile VR gaze UI (Harmonix) brief (video)

[great insights into VR best practices, and general UI tricks]

– pro performance panel brief (video)
– Oculus keynote brief (not recorded)

– Art of Fortnite brief (video)
VR Neuroscience brief (not recorded)

[Movies match REM sleep length (90-120 min cycles). People predict choices based on body language. (Too much focus on embodiment?) Think about “Structured Dreams” not Virtual “Realities”.]

Educational Roundtable (brief) (not recorded)

Run things by people you don’t target in a demographic (UX personas). Best practices are always changing, we don’t know we don’t know.
+ transfer is hard. Don’t focus too hard down onto isolating subject matter. Reach outside for broader connections.
+ FIRST identify what you want to teach, THEN worry about how to measure it. Measurements can be limiting (this is the downfall of assessment)
+ look for team diversity. If your team isn’t diverse, ask people outside your group to look at it
+ Teachers – Identify your student population. Think about what will attract them to the game (we should be doing this too, before we start any development).

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