Imagine you’re in class, but can snap your fingers at any moment to bring your family or friends in next to you. (and snap again to send them away).

Apparently just talking to someone in meatspace about what you’re doing on the computer : is this magic sauce for metacognitive learning. (for figuring out and reinforcing what you have actually learned so far).

Was thinking about how we often group people together in an online classes – but there’s no way your connection with some random assigned partner is going to compare to your connection with those you already live with. It is maybe a HUGE unseen benefit of online learning that you could leverage your local loved ones.

Plus, your classmates are likely sort-of-experts in the subject you’re studying – while your spouse, or kid, or roommate isn’t – so you’ll get much more value out of explaining what you’re doing in an assignment to your local pal (with whom you’ve already self selected to enjoy interactions). Just explaining to them how you’re struggling with the assignment could have a lot of benefits.

Maybe this is more a marketing mindset “your whole family can benefit from your investment in just one ecampus course!” ? dunno. feels legit. like an important angle nobody is yet taking.

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