Being that we work for a federal land grant institution – making education games – I feel like the ‘the White House Education Game Jam’ is something we should be taking part in. It’s happening this weekend. but it also seems like they basically forgot to mention it online. anywhere. WEIRD!

Anywho. This venerated game developer Graeme Devine tweeted about it. When I googled “White House Education Game Jam”, this is the ONLY website that came up:
(maybe further proof google’s search algorithms are broken? anyone have another link?)

but when I snooped through twitter’s #whgamejam hashtag results, I discovered this account:
(which connects this website,, which has ZERO mention of the event)

Seems like the kind of thing we should be all jazzed for… But… Kinda seems like the government doesn’t want word getting out. ?!?!

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