Snooped through a couple dozen of the College of Engineering – Computer Science senior projects: ( link ).
Here are some note for coworkers
* This might be interesting to Ecampus over all (ah, and i see Breslin worked on it? cool): watermarking materials you download from canvas course, so we can catch you later if you upload to cheating service ( )

+ trying to parse sign language in real time using RealSense SR305. but no indication they got it working? eh. hmmf.

+ NickH and Drew might be into this? Basically the Sandbox they made. … not clear to me from the description how this is anything more than implementing what they did with the old open framework. eh.

* I’ve long wanted to do what these folks are trying, scanning large rooms around campus (but in a very diff way). And they mention Matterport cams (which I think Jason and Rick were hyped on a while back?)
THey made a 3D scanner using RealSense D455, Dot3D for pointlclouds, MetaShape for meshses, Unreal for displaying. (Plus they apparently made a custom FBX importer for Unreal? hmf. which just makes me cringe that Unreal didn’t already have one. ?)

* Wee. looks like a project we discussed making once – to show town dynamics based on forest and wetland changes.

* maybe interesting to nickH? trying to recreate the Vuforia fiducial AR concept with OpenCV and rasberry pi hardware. Shrug.

* kinda neat : using ArcGIS Pro and CityEngine to process geographic data (to simulate Seaside, OR getting hit with tsunami), using Unreal. (and a second example of 3D graph visualization)

* kinda fun game idea: Basically Xcom in VR with both sides/groups simulated? (groups of units entering a city, unable to see the big picture.) (…but their “Fog of war” looks crummy/limited/wrong)

* kinda interesting: trying to lay out basics of “using ML to teach AI to differentiate what it sees” in photos. Just keeping a link in case we want to dive into this more in the future (eh, though their website doesn’t seem super friendly/simple yet. …, I see they made their website in React. eh. wee.).

* kinda neat: VR demo of assembling wood frame. Wish there was some UI or “educational content” instead of just raw picking up and placing. but keeping the link in case it’s going somewhere. curious who Prof. Joseph Louis is in Civil and Construction Engineering

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