“Ponte Las Pilas!” -Mexican Proverb

2nd Year PhD Graduate Student

Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Drug Discovery Track

About me:

   Hello! My name is Bianca, and I am first-generation college graduate from Watts, California. I identify as Latina, Chicana, and LGBTQ+.

– Some of my research interests involve the use of natural products to develop new pharmaceuticals, specifically identifying and characterizing phytochemicals from potential medicinal plant species for lead compound discovery.

– I am also passionate about translational research and science policy, and how both fields are instrumental to consider in drug development.

Research: Superwarfarin Poisoning Treatment and Optimization through Bile Sequestrants and UHPLC Analysis

   Superwarfarins are considered longer-lasting second-generation rodenticides and are more potent than their warfarin predecessors. While unintentional exposure to humans may still occur, Superwarfarins may also pose as a chemical terror threat that can cause immense bodily harm from intentional exposure to humans.

– My role in the van Breemen lab is to investigate potential therapeutic routes for Superwarfarin poisoning through an animal model approach and UHPLC analysis as the analytical method of choice for bile sequestrant detection. In my research, I hope to develop a faster screening assay for Superwarfarin poisoning detection and a fast-acting time-sensitive treatment option for human exposure.

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