Last Full Day!!!

Soo today is our last full day in the MidWest. I have mixed feelings about this trip coming to an end. I had a lot of fun touring around and learning so much but I am also ready to go home and see my family, animals and boyfriend. With this being our last full day we spent it at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Their campus is really pretty but it is spilt into two. They have a Main Campus and then an East Campus. We toured just the East Campus because that is where all of the agricultural buildings and classes are. Before we went to the East campus we had our first stop at their research feedlot.

Their research feedlot is a little bit of ways off of their campus. We got to their research feedlot at about 8AM. Let me tell you it was freezing but really awesome to see. I wish our campus had a feedlot. They have a total of 2,500 cows and doing all different kinds of research. For some of them they are seeing what temperature does to them. They way they do that is they have this little sensor type thing in their rumen and it sends all the data for their research to a tower and then to their computer. So they don’t have to go out and try to take a temperature of every cow every hour the sensor and computer does it all for them. Which is pretty amazing!!

After the feedlot we went to their East Campus and tour almost all of their agricultural buildings. My favorite building was their animal science building! It was pretty sweet. They had their meat lab inside of their building!!! Also they have barns in the building. So they have classes’ room where the professor will bring in live animals to teach! I thought that was awesome! They will bring in cows, pigs or sheep to the class room to give the student hands on learning and experience. I thought that was just amazing.

One of my favorite parts of touring their campus was seeing their stadium! It was huge and super fantastic! I know it is not Ag related but it was so cool. It was not like any old stadium. Their stadium was attached to other indoor facilities. They had an indoor sand volleyball court and weight room just for their volleyball teams. That is the first time I have ever seen that. The sand volleyball court had 40 inches of white sand flown in from Hawaii (that probably cost a lot!). It is just insane to me how big their stadium was and how many facilities they had in/attached to it!

There entire school from the parts that I saw was fascinating. It was a huge campus and had many facilities with a lot of hands on work. Although, One thing that I did not like was that they had a vet school but you cannot apply to it unless you are a Nebraska resident. Which kind of sucks! Whatever my number one choice for vet school is still OSU!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.33.21 PM

A collage of some of the things we saw/visited! Oh They let us go on the field!!!!

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