Cotton Candy Milk…. Yumm!

Today was possibly my favorite day so far on this trip. I am saying possibly because the last couple days might top it. Our first stop today was to Shatto Milk Company. It was a very cute dairy. I thought it was small but after touring it, it was pretty big. They have almost 400 cows and milk all of them at least twice a day some of them three times a day. At the dairy they make there own milk (duh!), cheese and ice cream. Although, the milk they make is not just your usual milk you buy at a grocery store. They have flavors like rootbeer, chocolate-peanut butter, strawberry, banana, coffee, cookies n cream, and cotton candy. I know a lot of those sound gross but they were all delicious except the chocolate-peanut butter only because I do not like peanut butter. They are in the process of creating two more flavors. They did not tell us what those flavors were though but I know they’ll be delicious. They have a cute little store where you can purchase all kinds of their stuff. I just bought there chocolate milk and sweet tea because I love both of those. If I ever come back to Missouri I will definitely stop at this dairy again! Oh and this place is amazing!! On a busy day they will bottle a total of 14,000 bottles of milk. I forgot.. I also got to milk a cow for the first time ever! It was pretty awesome!


All of us in front of the Shatto Milk Company Milk Truck!







All of there different milks in their bottles!


After we left Shatto Milk Company we went to Schweiver Orchards. This orchard is not like many I have been too. It is a U-pick Orchard which is a lot of fun! They have everything there from peaches to apples to berries to pumpkins and Christmas trees and a lot more. The owner of the Schweiver Orchards took us on a hay ride to show us around and he even let us have an apple. It was soo good. I love apples and it was delicious. I wish I would have picked my own apples to eat for the rest of this trip.


Well to put it all together I think I should just move to Missouri so I can have as much milk and apples as I want. haha Well I really enjoyed everything today from the learning/touring to the delicious food I got to have. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!





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