Hi Everyone!

I am Tylen but I like to go by Tye. I grew up in southern California in a town called Ventura. I did not grow up on a farm around agriculture or any cows or anything. I grew up mostly on the beach and in the gymnastics gym. Although, I have always had a love for animals, mostly cats and dogs because that is what I grew up with. I was not around much other animals other than horses time to time with my grandma.  Since I was little I have wanted to be a vet so that is why I am attending Oregon State University to make that dream come true.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.32.32 AM

OH that’s me! I got a selfie stick and was pretty exciting about it. So you’ll probably be seeing more pictures like this…and some group shots with everyone.

Picture of my hometown. It’s beautiful!! It’s okay I know you’re jealous, I would be too.  🙂

I  am writing this blog for my class trip on Sept 8th-15th. I am really excited about it and this blog (this is my first blog ever!). The trip is going to be sooo much fun! We are going to the MIDWEST to visit all different Ag facilities. To make it clear we are going to the Midwest in the US (there was a lot of confusion there). I have never been to the Midwest so I am excited to visit and learn all about their agriculture life. I think it will be an amazing experience and I cannot wait!

I first heard about this trip in one of my classes last fall. I remember the teacher (Matt Kennedy, who is the teacher going on this trip with us) asking us if anyone would be interested in doing this. I immediately raised my hand. From then on I could not wait to sign up. Although, I did not hear much about it. So I thought it wasn’t going to happen, until I got an email talking about it. I was just a little excited to receive that email (first and last time that will happen). As soon as I could I signed up for the class.

I am hoping this tour will help me gain more knowledge on agriculture and all the different aspects of it. I hope you all enjoy my blog about me and trip. Tell me how you like it!








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